Let’s Get Lei’d!

Once summer rolls around,  it’s a time for luaus, barbecues and clam bakes!  Some of my favorite things to do during the summer besides hitting the beach.  I love just hanging out with family and friends enjoying the warm weather, good food, good company and good libations.  The perfect time to relax!

Last year, my coworker Jenny was getting married and I thought a Hawaiian luau-themed bridal shower was perfect for her special occasion!  My co-workers and I are pretty close, we hang out outside of work and those that have departed and moved on to other things, we all still keep in touch.  I love it!  And I wouldn’t trade them for the world!  Whenever we have get-togethers outside of work, we try and accommodate both day and night shifts so everyone can be included.  Usually when an event is hosted by the night shift, we plan for the party to start after night shift ends, in the morning.  For Jenny’s shower, I hosted the event at my house and the party started bright and early on a summer morning.

Once we had all decided on the best day for the party, I started to look up ideas on Pinterest and searched on some of my favorite party supply websites – Oriental Trading and Party City.  They really have great items that are not too expensive and when you use coupons and free shipping, they’re even better!  I purchased a few items and added to my collection of luau items from a party I had a few years ago and I was good to go!

When everyone arrived, they were greeted with a lei that had to be worn during the shower.  I really loved the mahalo leis from Oriental Trading.  They were beautiful bright colored flowers in three different colors: purple, pink and orange.  Perfect for the occasion!

On the other side of the welcome table, I had the photo booth set up.  I love a good photo booth and I thought it would be fun to take a few funny pictures with my coworkers!  I purchased several pink wrapping paper rolls from Dollar Tree and used that as the back drop and hung a floral paper garland that I had also purchased at Oriental Trading.  The photobooth props I had either printed or had bought at Dollar Tree as well.  It came out great!

I set up the mimosa bar and the food buffet in the kitchen.  I strung another floral paper garland across the top of my hutch and covered the table with Kraft paper and strung straw fringe with flowers around the perimeter of the table.  Along with the mimosa bar, I set out coffee and one of my coworkers brought a killer Bloody Mary mix with garnishes.  After a crazy shift for some of them, a mimosa or Bloody Mary was definitely in order!

For the Bloody Mary’s I used plastic blue tumblers with paper straws.  I think paper straws are super cute and worth it, even if they fall apart from being in liquid.  Just grab another one and go!

The mimosa bar printables I found on Pinterest.  I thought the floral design was perfect for the luau theme.  The matching beverage labels I tied around each carafe and pitcher with twine.  They added that extra little detail.

Several people brought breakfast and brunch dishes which was great!  We had quite the variety and everything came out delicious!  There are some pretty good cooks amongst us!

The plates I had leftover from Christopher’s birthday party the year before.  They’re made out of biodegradable bamboo and I thought they’d be perfect for the luau.  The silverware place settings I had put together the night before the party.  I used wooden utensils and wrapped them with a floral napkin and tied with twine.  They were displayed in a basket for easy access for my guests.


Once most people arrived, we all dove in and enjoyed the delicious dishes and cocktails!

I even bought a tiki umbrella cover to go along with the theme and expand it to my deck!  Everyone was so impressed!  After enjoying breakfast, we all gathered in the living room and Jenny opened her gifts.  One of the highlights of getting married – all the presents!  I can’t wait for that!

And of course, the finale – pictures in the photobooth!

No matter who has switched shifts or moved onto other places, we’ll still always be close and I cherish every moment with these amazing people!




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