A Little Bit of Green for St. Patrick’s Day

It has been well over a month since my last blog post and I’m a lil bit late on my St. Patrick’s Day post but I figured, better late than never.  St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I am a meat and potatos kinda girl and who doesn’t love corned beef with cabbage,  carrots and of course potatoes?  It is one of the traditional Irish meals.  I also enjoy the beer, Irish car bombs and of course a good ole Irish coffee!

For every holiday, I always decorate.  Well almost every holiday.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna decorate for the summer holidays or just have summer decorations out, but anyways, I ended up buying a few extra decorations for St. Patrick’s Day this year.   As always, Christmas Tree Shops, Michaels and Kirklands had great decor items for this green holiday. 

For the bowl filler, I used the same mix of decorative balls I already had however, I added some sparkle. I bought a box of glitter foam shapes from Michaels and delicately placed them among the filler.  Still gives that rustic vibe with a glittery twist.  Super cute!

The tv stand was also decorated woth a few extra items this year.  I don’t like gaudy decor items and I still wanted to keep with a rustic theme with this as well.  I used a tan table runner and brown wooden pillar candle sticks as the focus point for this.  A burlap banner with green shamrocks strung across the front of the tv stand as well.  Everything looked perfect!

This year, I didn’t have that many decorations for the dining room and kitchen areas.  I’m very particular with the way my decorations and table settings look and if I don’t find items that give me inspiration, it’s not gonna happen.  So there’s minimal decorations in those areas this year.

These shamrock and basket weave plate sets I purchased at Christmas Tree Shops.  Perfect for the holiday.  The Irish coffee mugs were also purchased at the same store.  I had seen these at Dollar Tree, but the quality was poor.  For a few cents more at Christmas Tree Shops, the quality was much improved and will definitely last a long time.

For our St. Patrick’s Day dinner, I made corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes.  And I made it all on the crock pot. Super easy and quick.  I love just throwing all the ingredients in one pot and be done with it.  Then I’m able to clean up and there’s minimal clean up after dinner as well.  The recipe called for a broth and I poured a lil extra Guiness over it as well and it came out so tender.

And of course, while dinner was cooking, I enjoyed a nice Guiness beer 🍻

Once dinner was done, we enjoyed this traditional Irish meal.  The corned beef was definitely good this year and melted in your mouth.  I had made the corned beef in the crockpot once before and had not allowed the cabbage to cook long enough; this time around, the cabbage came out perfect.

And of course, what do you make with leftover corned beef? Reubens!  They were delicious, my brother even gave the stamp of approval!

My does that look good!




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