A Lot Like Love

So I decided that I was going to decorate the house for Valentines Day this year. Last year I had bought a few decorations, but this year I bought several more and even made centerpieces for the dining room table.  I find a lot of ideas on Pinterest as you already know and can tell from my previous posts.  But there’s so many good ideas out there!

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday of love and everything sweet! It’s nice to feel appreciated and loved by your significant other and receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers, just adds that special touch.  Making a romantic dinner at home or even going out for a romantic dinner is just as special as long as your spending it with your someone special.  Christopher and I usually take turns every year planning Valentine’s Day.  One year we went to a Devils vs. Rangers hockey game which was a lot of fun and even spent an afternoon at Dave and Buster’s playing all the different games.  The last 2 years, we’ve had Valentine’s Day dates at home.  One year I set up a sleepover in our living room and he set up a romantic dinner in the basement the other year.

I decorated the living room first this year.  Like I said earlier, I had several decorations from last year but I bought more this year.  I purchased several items from Christmas Tree Shops and Kohls.  I love that as a Kohls charge member you get additional savings and I was able to use that along with reward money to buy a few items I was keeping my eye on.

The bowl filler I had bought at Kohls and I loved that it resembled the candy hearts that have messages on them. They were perfect for the coffee table centerpiece! And who doesn’t love a lil bit of glitter in their life 😉

The tv stand I had decorated with items from not only Christmas Tree Shops and Kohls, but Kirklands as well.  Kirklands has great decor items.  My friend Joanna told me about this store and I’ve been hooked ever since, in fact several of my friends shop there.  They just have such cute things!


The next thing I decorated was the dining room area.  I reused a tablecloth that I’ve used during the holidays, it’s red with glitter threading through it and it’s perfect for Valentine’s as well. I also decided I was going to make the centerpieces.  I wanted to have low sitting bouquets of lowers that sat down the center of the table, however I didn’t want them to be too much so I only made three.

I bought all the material to make these from Dollar Tree – the flowers, the water beads, styrofoam squares and the vases.  It cost me between $4-5 per bouquet to make them.  Not too bad compared to what I would have paid in store.  They came out great and were exactly what I was looking for.

I wasn’t going to set the table, however after the holiday, everything was 50% off at Christmas Tree Shops and I had saw these cute champagne flutes and bought several.

While looking at tablescapes on Pinterest, I saw this tutorial on how to fold heart-shaped napkins.  They weren’t too hard to fold and they’re really cute for the table.

I hung a banner on my hutch with along with a berry wreath and on the coat closet door a patchwork wall hanger.

The decor I was really excited about was my kitchen island. I have really enjoyed decorating it and I will for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter as well.  I bought the tablecloth from Kohls along with the heart-shaped placemats and runner.  The “xoxo” table sitter was from Kirklands and the heart-shaped table filler was from Party City.  I already had the white ceramic serving platter.  I bought the heart-shaped melamine plates from Michaels after the holiday for 70% off and the island was ready!

I hope you all enjoyed my decorating ideas.  Some people ask me if I spend a lot of money on decorations and I tell them no, I really don’t.  When I’m searching online or on Pinterest for ideas, I will wait for an item to go on sale or if I’m able to use a coupon on top of the sale price, then I’ll buy.  I also reuse a lot of items and try to buy items that I can reuse.  I love decorating and hosting parties and hope that what I do inspires others to do just the same.




One thought on “A Lot Like Love

  1. Thanks for giving me a shout out for those Reeses cupcakes! Loved this party and the murder mystery!!! You’re the hostess with the mostest!!! Xox


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